Myth Versus Fact: The Truth About Digital Events


READ TIME: 2 minutes

Many events and meetings now have a virtual component, and yet there are still a lot of misconceptions out there regarding digital events. As an event industry professional, you need to keep yourself informed to take advantage of new opportunities in digital meetings.

Many event planners assume that creating a virtual or hybrid event will eliminate the need for a live event, is too risky, or is too cost prohibitive to include in their overall event strategy. But, when used correctly, hybrid and virtual events can be a solid part of a comprehensive plan to increase ROI for your event stakeholders. Test your knowledge on these common misconceptions about hybrid events, and educate yourself on the facts and potential benefits of adding a virtual component to your event strategy.

MYTH: Virtual & hybrid events will make my in-person event obsolete

 According to one study conducted by Meeting Planners International, 67% of those that planned a hybrid event did not see a decline of live attendees, and when looking at future event registration, 88% said attendance stayed level or increased for upcoming events. Adding a digital component to your events allows your organization to touch audiences outside the normal reach of live events and spread your brand to a global audience.

MYTH: My event will be hacked & watched by unauthorized viewers

 All of the respected vendors use the same type of encryption that banks use, and can restrict the online traffic to specific domains.

MYTH: Virtual and hybrid events are too expensive

 Costs of producing a digital event can be offset by increasing attendance for future events. In addition, corporate meetings will save money on hotel costs and extend their reach to those who might not be able to attend because of their location or position.